Vol 18, No 2 (2015)

IJAR May 2015

Table of Contents


The Perception of Financial Statement Users in Indonesia Towards Internet Financial Reporting (IFR) PDF
Ispon Asep Yurano, Siti Nurwahyuningsih Harahap
The Influence of Fiscal Policy of Local Government Towards the Level Of Community Welfare: Exhibition Of Caresidenan Surakarta And DIY PDF
Ahmad Amin, Intan Amandita
Analysis of The Influence of The Board of Commissioners, Directors, Audit Committee and External Audit Effectiveness On The Level of Mandatory and Voluntary Disclosure PDF
Jason Effendi, Sylvia Veronica Siregar
Liquidity Risk Factors and Stock Returns’ Dynamic Relation in Bullish and Bearish Condition of Indonesia and Japan’s Capital Market PDF
Igo Febrianto, Erni Ekawati
The Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Financial Ratio to Corporate Values PDF
Tanto Kurnia, Mathius Tandiontong


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