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The Indonesian Journal of Accounting Research also known as Jurnal Riset Akuntansi Indonesia (hereafter JRAI) is a prestigious-leading accounting journal in Indonesia and is the only journal published by the Indonesian Institute of Accountants-Compartment of Accounting Educators. The journal disseminates studies in accounting to academic and professional communities, practitioners, students, and other interested parties.

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NOMOR 23/E/KPT/2019

Call for Paper Indonesian Journal of Accounting Reasearch

We invite authors in the related fields to submit papers for the upcoming edition of the Indonesian Journal of Accounting Research

Please use the online submission system to submit your paper. Authors without an Indonesian Journal of Accounting Research account are required to create an account first before submitting it. Make sure that you choose "Author" from the Role dropdown menu. Please, user IJAR template and IJAR author guideline.

Paper can be written in Bahasa Indonesia for review purposes. Upon acceptance of the paper, for publication purposes, the paper must be translated into English by the author. Starting from May 2020, any publication will be charged IDR 500.000. The charge is for a proofread fee. The author can be exempted from the fee if the author can provide proofread evidence of his/her paper. The proofreader should be a professional/qualified proofreader.


Vol 22, No 3 (2019): IJAR September 2019

Table of Contents


Quality Management Practices and Quality Performance: A Thematic Analysis of Indonesia’s Health Service Provider PDF
Amanda Acintya
Information Presentation Pattern, Information Order and Framing Effect in Taking Investment Decisions PDF
Mochammad Zahid Muzammil Hadi, Luciana Spica Almilia, Riski Aprilia Nita
Does Financial Literation Moderate The Effect of Funding on The Sustainability of Micro Enterprises PDF
Dody Hapsoro, Adrian Septia Iswara
Research and Development (R&D), Environmental Investments, to Eco-Efficiency, and Firm Value PDF
Vera Apridina Safitri, Lindriana Sari, Rindu Rika Gamayuni
The Effect of Earnings Quality on Cost of Equity Through Information Asymmetry: An Empirical Study of the Manufacturing Companies in the Indonesia Stock Exchange PDF
Dewi Melinda, Zuni Barokah
Fixed Assets Revaluation and Future Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Indonesia PDF
Achmad Faizal Azmi, Syaiful Ali


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